Consignment Basics

What is consignment?

We sell your items on your behalf and pay you once they have been sold.

Why should I consign instead of selling the item(s) myself?

Selling items privately can be a stressful, time consuming, and emotional process, especially if you are dealing with items that have a strong family connection. Our reputation is based on our sensitivity and compassion in responding to our consignors’ needs as well as our product expertise and knowledge of the resale industry. We professionally merchandise in a bright and spacious environment to showcase your items to their fullest potential. When you choose to consign items you don’t have to worry about how they’re priced – too high, too low? – or who to sell them to. We take care of all the details so all you don’t have to.

How does it work?

For furniture and larger items we recommend sending us an email with photos of your pieces along with any pertinent information such as dimensions, condition, and original purchase price. We will let you know within 48 hours whether we can help with your pieces. For smaller items such as china, crystal, and silver, you are welcome to call and make an appointment for us to go over them with you to determine if we can help. For large quantities of items, such as an estate, it may be determined that a site visit is required.

Intake hours are Monday – Friday 12:00pm – 4:00pm and Saturdays 12:00pm – 4:00pm. Please note the office is closed Sundays.

Who handles the logistics?

It is your responsibility to make arrangements with an outside mover to bring larger pieces to the store. We are happy to recommend the moving companies that we know and trust. If you are able, you are welcome to bring items in yourself but we ask that you bring people with you who can assist in moving larger items into the store.

How long will you keep my item(s)?

Large or small, we are happy to have your items with us until they sell. We aim to sell them within the first 60 days they are with us. In the event it should take longer to find the perfect buyer for your piece we will never ask you to come and pick your items up from the store. We’re happy to keep them for as long as it takes. There is no expiration date.


How do I get paid for my item(s) once they sell?

Once your items have sold, you will receive 60% of the final sale price. Please remember that if your items have been with us longer than 60 days, the final selling price may be different than the original selling price. Cheques are sent out automatically to consignors at the beginning of every month.


Who sets the prices?

With over 40 combined years of consignment experience, our pricing staff has the knowledge and experience necessary to accurately price your items so that they sell as quickly as possible while still getting you the best return on your consignment. In order to assist us, you are welcome to provide details of the original purchase.

Do you negotiate prices once they are set?

The prices you see in our store reflect current market trends and standards across the resale industry. We believe our prices are competitive as well as fair and as such we do not negotiate.

How are prices discounted over time?

Once an item has been priced, it stays at that value for 60 days. If an item remains in store for longer than this initial 60 day period, the price will reduce by a maximum of 10% every 30 days until it has been sold.

What We Sell

What style of furniture do you accept?

We accept and sell furniture styles from various time periods as well as various types of china, crystal, light fixtures, original artwork, mirrors, silver plate, sterling, jewellery, and ladies accessories. If you are in doubt as to whether we can sell an item, just ask. We’d be happy to speak with you.

What types of items do you not accept?

We do not accept sporting goods, electrical items (except light fixtures), kitchen wares, arts & crafts supplies, books, bedding, self assembly style furniture, clothing, shoes, baby items, or luggage.

What condition should the items be in?

We ask that all items be in as close to perfect condition as possible, within reason. The better the condition of the item the faster they will sell and the higher the price they will command.