Mid-Century Furnishings Meets Modern Toronto: Integrating Classic Designs into Contemporary Spaces

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Toronto, a beacon of design and style, embraces a trend that beautifully marries the past with the present. Homeowners across the city are increasingly integrating their modern spaces with timeless, mid-century furnishings. This unique mid-century style, known for its simplicity, functionality, and connection to nature, has found a new home in Toronto's diverse and contemporary interiors. 

But what exactly is mid-century modern furniture? Why has its appeal endured through the decades, and where can Torontonians find authentic pieces, from high-quality second-hand furniture in Toronto to premium vintage finds? This blog delves into the world of mid-century modern furniture in Toronto, exploring its characteristics, origins, and seamless integration into the fabric of modern-day Toronto living.

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What is Mid-Century Modern Furniture?

Characteristics of Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Mid-century modern furniture spans the mid-1940s to the late 1960s, a time of innovation in design and manufacturing. It is characterized by clean lines, organic curves, a mix of different materials, and a deep emphasis on functionality. Unlike the ornate designs of the past or contemporary styles that are in the moment, mid-century modern pieces are understated, focusing on simplicity and practicality. This furniture style often incorporates wood, metal, glass, and vinyl, utilizing a range of colours from neutral to bold, reflecting the optimism of the post-war era.

Popular Mid-Century Modern Furniture Designers and Brands

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Several designers and brands have become synonymous with the mid-century modern style, leaving a lasting legacy that continues to influence contemporary design. Notably, Charles and Ray Eames, George Nelson, and Eero Saarinen are among the pioneers whose furniture pieces are celebrated for their innovative use of materials and groundbreaking designs. Canadian contributions to this era include designers like Russell Spanner and brands like EQ3, which offer pieces inspired by this timeless style, catering to the Toronto market's growing appetite for mid-century furnishings.

Why is Mid-Century Modern Furniture so Popular in Toronto and Across the Globe?

The popularity of mid-century modern furniture in Toronto can be attributed to its versatility, timeless appeal, and the way it complements contemporary design. Its simplicity and emphasis on functionality make it a perfect fit for modern living, where space is at a premium, and design must be beautiful and practical. Moreover, with its historical significance and craftsmanship, the story behind each piece adds depth and character to modern interiors, creating stylish and uniquely personal spaces.


Warren Hales, owner of Around the Block, agrees and adds one mid-century furniture trend, in particular, continues to dominate in Toronto. ”The continued popularity of Danish furniture is a testament to its enduring utility, design, and manufacture. Most pieces we see are 50 and 60 years old, yet, the finishes and structure are near perfect or easily rejuvenated. The actual design of the pieces hasn't dated and remains relevant in the modern household surrounded by modern furniture,” he explains.

Tips to Include Mid-Century Modern with Other Furniture Styles


Integrating mid-century modern furniture into contemporary spaces can be done seamlessly with a few key considerations:

  • Balance and Proportion: Mix and match different furniture styles, but keep a balance in mind to avoid overcrowding. Use mid-century pieces as focal points in a room.
  • Colour and Texture: Mid-century modern furniture may feature vibrant colours and rich textures. Pair these with more subdued shades and materials in contemporary pieces to create a cohesive look.
  • Functionality First: Embrace the mid-century emphasis on practicality by choosing pieces that are not only stylish but also serve a purpose in your living space.
  • Accent Pieces: Start with small mid-century accessories or a single piece of furniture to subtly incorporate the style into your home without overwhelming the existing decor.

Around the Block - Mid-Century Modern Furniture in Toronto

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One destination stands out when it comes to finding the perfect mid-century modern pieces in Toronto: Around the Block. Renowned for its collection of mid-century furnishings and decor, we are Toronto's go-to spot for authentic and high-quality vintage furniture. With a keen eye for iconic designs and timeless pieces, Around the Block offers a curated selection of vintage and antique furniture in Toronto that caters to both collectors and newcomers to the mid-century modern style. Whether you're looking to outfit your home with classic designs or seeking that one statement piece to complete your interior, Around the Block is your ultimate destination for all things mid-century modern in Toronto.

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