• "I have been a client of Around the Block for years. The staff is very accommodating, the merchandise is wonderful and the pricing fair and reasonable. I once brought an item in and Warren identified it as being a very valuable piece which went to auction. I would never have known so I so appreciate his honesty. Their knowledge of items brought in and their values is outstanding! I highly recommend the experience of shopping there for beautiful and unique pieces at a fair price. It is my alltime favourite store in Toronto."
    Claudine K
  • "I have always found my consignment experience to be extremely satisfactory. The staff is always congenial, respectful and knowledgable. If you have anything to consign, this is the place!"
    - Consignor
  • I have been a regular shopper and consignor at Around The Block for nearly 8 years, outfitting several homes, as well as selling off items that I could no longer accommodate. The high quality and interesting mix of product and the constant turnover and influx of new items has me scrolling the website and pulls me back to the store on a regular basis. Around the Block sets itself apart with its ever changing eclectic collection of high quality furniture, art , carpets and household items. As both a shopper and consignor I cant say enough good about Around the Block.
    Peter Senkiw, Toronto
  • "Around the Block is one the best gems in Toronto! The store has the most eclectic range of inventory from high end crystal, silver and unique artwork to everyday pieces that are all beautifully displayed. This place never disappoints, you will always find something to add to your "must have" list, all at very affordable prices too! The staff are very knowledgeable on pricing and what's on trend, which is why the inventory is always changing and never lasts very long on the shelves. I highly recommend this store, it is definitely worth the trip...several times!!! "