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As Toronto's go-to destination for furniture and home decor consignment, Around the Block proudly showcases Canadian fine art online at our website and in our showroom. But beyond nationality, what makes Canadian fine art unique? We explore the country's art in this week's blog post.

Canadian fine art is a rich and diverse genre that encompasses many styles, mediums, and techniques. From traditional paintings of everyday Canadian life to modern digital installations designed to provoke and inspire, Canadian fine art showcases its creators' unique perspectives, experiences, and cultural influences.

Canadian Fine Art Influences

Throughout its history, Canadian fine art has been shaped by various cultural and historical factors, including its colonial past, multicultural heritage, and close relationship with nature. For example, the Group of Seven's stunning depictions of the Canadian wilderness sparked the first major Canadian national art movement. Likewise, many notable First Nations artists have also made significant contributions to both the art world and to the cultural and political landscape of Indigenous peoples in Canada through their diverse works exploring issues related to colonialism, Indigenous rights, environmentalism, and social justice.

Canadian Art and Nature

One of the most notable aspects of Canadian fine art is its close connection to the country's natural environment. Canadian artists have long been inspired by the rugged beauty of their country's natural surroundings. This tradition continues today, with many contemporary artists exploring new ways to capture the beauty and majesty of Canada's forests, lakes, and mountains


Another important aspect of Canadian fine art is its multicultural heritage. With a diverse population of race, ethnicity, and national origin, Canada has long been a melting pot of artistic styles and traditions. Whether it is the vibrant street art of Montreal's graffiti scene, the unique pen and ink drawings by Egyptian-Canadian artist Hagop Khoubesserian, or the unique soapstone carvings by Inuit artists such as Jimmy Inaruli Arnamissak, the art of Canada reflects the country's diverse cultural heritage. It celebrates the unique perspectives of its many communities.

Shop Canadian Fine Art at Around the Block

Whether you are a Canadian art collector, an artist, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of art, Canadian original art has something for everyone. From more traditional oil paintings by fine artists like F.S. Challener or thought-provoking modern sculptures by Brandon Vickers, fine art is a testament to the country's rich cultural heritage and its ongoing commitment to creativity and innovation.

If you are looking to add the beauty and diversity of Canadian art, drop by Around the Block. We regularly have works by Canadian artists in a variety of genres, styles, and price points. But drop by our consignment showroom or visit our website often, as our art collection is popular and ever-changing.

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