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Are you interested in selling pre-owned art and wondering about the advantage of art consignment in Toronto? Stop Googling "how to sell art in Toronto" and start reading to learn how art consignment works, what the benefits of selling art on consignment are, and why you should consider Around the Block for your art consignment needs in the greater Toronto area.

Whether you're an art collector who needs to make space for a new collection or have inherited artwork that isn't quite right for you, selling pre-owned art can feel overwhelming, especially if the thought of dealing with a private sale, art auction houses, online art galleries, local galleries, or art brokers feels intimidating. Fortunately, you have options when selling fine art in the greater Toronto area. 

What is art consignment?

Art consignment is a common way an art owner can sell a piece of pre-owned art. Many art galleries, online auction houses, and other vendors sell used art on consignment. Like all consignments, it is an agreement between the art owner and the vendor where artwork is sold on the owner's behalf for a percentage of the final sale price. The art owner is only paid once the piece sells. With the right vendor, selling artwork on consignment can offer an efficient and low-cost way for owners of artwork to have the art sold and recoup some of their original investment.

Where can I sell fine art in Toronto?

Fine art galleries or art auctions aren't your only choices when selling fine art in the greater Toronto area. Around the Block is one of the area's best-kept secrets for art consignment in Canada. For more than 14 years, art consignors have trusted us to sell paintings, works on paper, and sculptures from noteworthy artists from around the world, including Canadian artists such as Frederick Challener, Heather Kocsis, Brandon Vickerd, Manizhe Sabet, and more. 

Why choose Around the Block for art consignment

With so many choices to sell art in the GTA, why should you consider Around the Block for art consignment? 

Here are just a few reasons we stand out as a perfect choice for quality art consignment:

Beautifully merchandised shop plus an online store for 24/7 shopping - Unlike auction houses which only host sales for particular artwork at scheduled times, Around the Block offers both a brick-and-mortar store open every week and an e-commerce store, which allows for 24/7 shopping. 

Convenient process - We make your consignment experience as easy as possible. If you have a piece or original artwork you'd like to sell, call 647-697-8925 or email us at to make an appointment to bring your artwork in for assessment.

Wide selection of curated art  - Unlike some outlets, which only feature particular styles or price points, Around the Block offers inventory that includes quality art consignment of all prices and styles. Whether you want to sell a painting, work on paper or sculpture, we accept original works of all periods and styles, including traditional, modern, impressionistic, and more.

Loyal clientele - Because of our ample inventory of quality art consignments in Toronto, set designers, interior designers, and even art collectors regularly flock to our shop for our artwork, furniture, and home decor. Our knowledgeable and discriminating clientele regularly peruse our store and website and snap up quality preowned artwork on consignment.

Consider Around the Block if you want to sell traditional landscapes, abstracts, modern figures, or impressionistic works of art on consignment. Our experience, knowledge, and commitment to quality art consignment in Toronto for over over 14 years make us a go-to destination for quality art consignment. Learn more by visiting our Consign with Us page or Contact Us.

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