Consignment Shops for Designer Handbags

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If you think consignment stores are the last place you should go for voguish, luxury goods, think again! The eco-conscious fashionistas will confess some of the first places they peruse are consignment shops for designer handbags, purses, accessories, and more.

It's true! Luxury consignment is on the rise. Because top brands in designer bags rarely discount their prices and fashion-forward consumers want more sustainable ways to shop, second-hand retailers have become the go-to destination for pre-loved designer handbags.

Can You Really Find Luxury Designer Handbags on Consignment?

Indeed, you can! Far from stuffy, outdated styles that should only grace a grandmother's closet, consignment stores are often a treasure trove for one-of-a-kind, fashionable finds. Savvy shoppers looking for name brands at a fair price love to hunt consignment stores for almost new designer bags and accessories.

In fact, luxury bag consignment isn't only popular with the fashion forward. Designer handbag consignment has exploded because vintage designer handbags have become a popular investment in recent years, with some brands, like Gucci and Fendi, actually holding their original value.

Benefits of consignment shops for designer handbags

Show off your individualism

If you have a one-of-a kind-sense of style and don't want to carry the same purse as everyone else, consignment shops for designer bags are for you. Whether you looking for vintage Chanel or newer Balenciaga, luxury consignment is a great way to ensure that you sport something that isn't resting on everyone else's shoulders, too.

Try out new-to-you styles on a budget

Consignment shopping allows you to try unique-to-you and nostalgic pieces without breaking your budget. It's much easier to step out of your comfort zone and experiment with vintage stylings when you aren't paying retail prices.

Feel good about circular shopping

If you want to do your part for the environment by recycling luxury items for as long as they can be put to good use, buying gently-worn designer bags on consignment will help you do just that! You'll be giving designer wares a second life with a bit of help from the best consignment businesses.

Where to buy designer handbags on consignment?

Of course, when buying second-hand designer bags, there is a risk of being scammed by fakes. Online sites claiming to offer the best online luxury designer handbags seem to crop up on the internet every day. But rather than seeking that vintage treasure at an online store or designer bags thrift stores where you can't be sure of authenticity or quality, you should consider shopping reputable consignment stores for designer bags and other luxury goods.

Unlike thrift stores, most luxury consignment stores have a selective screening process before accepting items into inventory. Consignment stores that carry designer handbags are not only screening for quality and condition but also authenticity. Additionally, many consignment stores offer return policies, so you can shop confidently, knowing that you can return an item if it isn't what you expected.

What should you look for in consignment shops for designer handbags?

Here are a few tips to consider in a consignment store for designer bags.

Excellent reputation

The first and most important thing you must consider when choosing a consignment store is its reputation. Asking friends or checking out reviews online before visiting a consignment store can ease any concerns about the quality of the store's inventory or the shopping experience.

Staff expertise

When looking for a consignment store with designer handbags, finding one with skilled and friendly staff is crucial. The salespeople should be transparent about the history of the bag, as well as its current condition. They should also be able to answer any questions. The staff should also be able to provide you with a certificate of authenticity for the bag. With assistance from a knowledgeable staff, you can find the perfect bag and one that aligns with your budget.

A loyal base of consignors

The best consignment shops for designer handbags boast repeat consignors, those selling consignment items. Because the consignment store's inventory comes from the community it serves, having a constant intake of items and fresh stock to sell is critical to a consignment store's success. The best consignment stores will develop long-term relationships with their consignors, so the store will come first to mind when it's time to clean out that closet again.

Around the Block consignment shop for designer handbags in Toronto

Around the Block has delivered quality consignment in the greater Toronto area for many years. Since opening our door, we have gained an almost cult-like following among interior designers, set designers, and fashion enthusiasts locally and internationally. In addition to home furniture and décor, Around the Block boasts fine jewelry, fashion accessories, and designer bags on consignment. 

Around the Block also offers online shopping. Shoppers can check out a wide variety of products online, read the descriptions, and view photos. Customers can purchase with the click of a button or come to the store to physically inspect the product before buying. But not every product makes the website, so visit the store and be amazed at the quality selections at Around the Block.

Final thoughts

Some say the only thing better than purchasing a designer bag is finding it at a discount. If you are looking for a quality designer bag at a value, consider shopping at your neighborhood consignment store for expertly-vetted used luxury styles. Sometimes finding that perfect bag will be a bit of a hunt, so be sure to peruse consignment shops for designer bags regularly. You never know what treasure you will find.

Happy shopping!

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