Curating a Wonderland of Vintage Christmas Decor

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For the holiday enthusiast and collector, Christmas is not just a season but an opportunity to delve into the past and curate a vintage holiday display that tells a story. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a nostalgic soul looking to start your own tradition, curating vintage Christmas decor is as enchanting as the holiday itself. Here's a quick guide to creating a timeless Christmas with treasures from the past.

What to Look for in Vintage Christmas Decor

Starting a vintage Christmas collection is much like setting out on a treasure hunt. It's about finding pieces that resonate with your aesthetic and stirring memories that cling to the edges of yesteryear's tinsel. When looking for vintage Christmas decor, be sure to keep an eye out for these key characteristics:


  • Provenance and Pedigree. Seek out vintage Christmas ornaments and decor with a history. Original boxes, maker's marks, and a well-documented past add to the charm and value of vintage decor.
  • Craftsmanship and Condition. Look for good-quality items, but don't shy away from pieces with a little patina. Minor wear can contribute to the vintage appeal if it upholds the piece's integrity.
  • Unique Stories. At Christmas, every ornament tells a story. Choose pieces that speak to you, whether hand-blown glass baubles or hand-painted wooden figurines.

More Than Vintage Ornaments

It's important to note that vintage Christmas decor is not limited to ornaments. It's a rich world of festive artifacts, each with its own place in the Christmas collector's heart. In addition to those vintage glass baubles and shiny bright ornaments, Christmas also offers the opportunity to collect:

  • Serveware. Silver-plate trays, punch bowls, and serving pieces from companies like Reed & Barton or Gorham add a functional yet festive touch.
  • Figurines. From Italian-made Fontanini nativity sets to German nutcrackers and Japanese-made celluloid reindeer, each figurine adds character to your collection.
  • Textiles. Linens like hand-embroidered tablecloths, napkins, aprons, or quilts with holiday themes can be decorative and utilitarian.
  • Holiday-Themed Dishes: No vintage Christmas collection is complete without festive tableware. Seek out patterned dishes that feature holiday motifs such as holly, poinsettias, or winter scenes. Brands like Spode, with their iconic Christmas Tree pattern, or Johnson Brothers' various holiday designs, offer a traditional touch to any Christmas feast. Display them in a china cabinet with glass doors for safekeeping and visual delight, or use them to set a table that's a nod to Christmases past.

Preserving the Past: Care for Your Collection

Regardless of what you collect, vintage decor requires tender-loving care to preserve its beauty and history. Here are a few tips to keep your vintage Christmas items merry and bright for years to come.


  • Clean with Care. Gently wipe ornaments with a soft, dry cloth. Use mild soap and water for sturdier items, but never submerge delicate or paper-based items.
  • Store Properly. Wrap ornaments in acid-free tissue paper and store them in compartmentalized boxes. Keep textiles in a dry, dark place to prevent fading and deterioration.
  • Watch the Climate. Extreme temperatures and humidity are the nemesis of vintage decor. Store your collection in a temperature-controlled environment.

Showcasing Your Vintage Christmas Decor

Displaying your vintage Christmas decor collection is where your personal creativity shines. Here are a few tips to turn your holiday home into a vintage showcase:

  • Thematic Trees. Dedicate each Christmas tree in your home to a different era or style. A tree full of Victorian ornaments can stand alongside another featuring mid-century modern pieces.
  • Vignettes. To tell a festive story, create small scenes on mantels or tabletops using figurines, serveware, and ornaments.
  • Mix and Match. Blend vintage with contemporary. Place modern candles on a silver plate tray or hang new stockings from a retro fireplace set.

Vintage Chrismas Decor - Final Thoughts

As you gather ornaments, wrap tinsel around branches of pine, and set your vintage serving ware out in anticipation of Christmas cheer, you are not just decorating; you are curating a seasonal museum of joy. Much like the season itself, your collection of vintage Christmas decor is a tapestry woven from the threads of time, full of stories and memories that continue to warm hearts year after year.

So, this Christmas, as you unpack each bauble and figurine, consider not just its form but the hands that once hung it, the tables it once graced, and the Christmases it has seen. You are now part of its history, as it is a part of yours. Merry collecting, and may your holidays be adorned with the rich, nostalgic beauty of a collector's Christmas.Christmas Decor at Around the Block

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