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Known for distinctive elongated stylings, muted colour palettes, and fine details, Lladro figurines quickly rose in fame and popularity as a collectible. Since its humble beginnings in the mid-1950s, the Lladró figurine catalog has exploded with numerous styles and price points. At Around the Block, we regularly feature these lovely pieces of porcelain for sale on consignment in our inventory.

Buyers and sellers often come to us with questions regarding Lladró. In this blog post, we attempt to answer some of the most common questions we get.


Renowned in the design and manufacturing of fine porcelain art today, Lladró had a humble beginning. Formed in 1953 as a small, part-time family-run ceramic vase business near Valencia, Spain, Lladró quickly moved into the crafting of "ceramic figurines inspired by the works of the great European manufacturers of Meissen, Sèvres, and Capodimonte." A short ten years later, Lladró sculptures entered the global marketplace, where the following and popularity only grew.

Today the iconic Spanish brand still produces decorative sculptures and porcelain figurines but has also expanded into high-end lighting and other home accessories, boasting revenue of over 100 million dollars each year.

Lladro figurines value

Cherished in homes and prized by collectors across the globe, the figurine's value varies greatly, with some pieces being affordable and others commanding thousands of dollars. The value of Lladró figurines is determined by several factors, including size, condition, intricacy, and rarity, with rare, retired, or limited edition figurines commanding more value. Some of the most valuable Lladró figurines created included Cinderella's Arrival (USD $57,200), 18th Century Coach (USD $57,200), and A Grand Adventure (USD $64,350).

Identifying Lladro figurines

In 1960, the figurines were stamped at the bottom or base. While the marking has changed over the years, the bright blue "Lladro made in Spain" has typically been associated with the company branding since the 1970s.

Lladro Nao figurines

NAO is owned by Lladró but has its own brand and catalog. Because the stylings tend to be more simple than traditional Lladró, NAO figurines are often more moderate in price.

Selling Ladro Figurines

If you live in the greater Toronto area, Around the Block is an excellent resource for selling figurines on consignment. For 12 years, we have specialized in selling figurines of all brands and varieties in Toronto. Interested in selling your Lladro figurines? Reach out via our Contact page, or drop us an email.

Around the Block Consignment for Lladro Figurines in Toronto

Are you new to Lladro figurines and interested in beginning a collection? Are you looking for a specific piece to complete a series or are considering a Lladró figurine as a gift for someone? Regardless of the reason, Around the Block welcomes you to peruse our curated selection of Lladró online or our entire collection in our showroom.

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