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Out with the old, in with the new! This year, are you resolved to refresh your home without breaking the bank or contributing to waste? Consigning high-quality used furniture and decor with Around the Block Toronto is more than just a savvy financial move to clear unwanted items and make way for new decor. It's a step towards sustainable decorating and living. While there are other choices in consignment stores in Toronto, we explain why and how you can consign used furniture, decor, and jewelry at Around the Block Consignment. 

Understanding the Consignment Process at Around the Block Toronto

At Around the Block Toronto, we have slightly different consignment stock processes depending on whether you want to sell large, small (or tabletop) items, or jewelry. 

Consigning Large Items

Email Photos to Around the Block Toronto

If your items include large pieces such as furniture, chandelier lighting, or area rugs, start the consignment process with us by capturing their best angles in photos and sending them to 

Schedule an Appointment

We will look at your offerings and let you know whether you should schedule an in-person appointment with us. After scheduling an appointment at our store, moving the items to Around the Block Toronto is your responsibility. Don't worry if you need a hand – we are happy to recommend excellent movers to help.

Prepare for Your Visit at Around the Block Toronto

Before visiting us, prepare by ensuring your items are clean and in the best possible condition. Be sure to include any original packaging or documentation, as this can help assess your items. 

Meet with An Appraiser

Once you've gathered your items and prepared them for sale, it's time to meet with us. Bring your appraisals and any other relevant documentation with you. Be honest and upfront about the condition of any items and any history they may have.

Once your items are at the store, one of our accredited appraisers will review each piece with you. They'll advise if any items need professional cleaning or repairs. After a close inspection, they'll discuss any pieces they can't accept.

Become a Consigner

Our appraisers will contact you within a few days with the selected consignment stock, including prices and consignor account login details. If you're new, you'll we'll ask you to fill out a contract to get you set up as a consignor. Once you receive the contract, you will have until 10 am the next business day to agree to the prices, after which your items will grace the sales floor and possibly our website.

The Financials and Follow-Up

You can track your consigned items through our consignor portal. Once your items sell, you'll receive 60% of the final sales price. Your cheque will be mailed out at the beginning of each month, 

Consigning Small Items at Around the Block Toronto

For smaller treasures, you can forgo emailing any photos. Contact us by phone to book an appointment. Our process for small items will be similar to that for large items, with an appraisal and inspection phase followed by a pricing and consignment agreement.

Fine Jewelry Consignment at Around the Block Toronto

Fine jewelry demands particular attention. With nearly 15 years in the consignment business, Around the Block Toronto has dedicated specialists and accredited appraisers to guide your precious pieces from intake to final sale. Some pieces may require an outside appraisal from a certified gemologist, ensuring you get the most value for your exquisite items.

Why Choose Around the Block Consignment Toronto?

With many choices of consignment stores in Toronto, why should you consider Around the Block for used furniture consignment? In addition to our knowledgeable staff and experience, we stand apart from other consignment shops in a few key ways.

  • Accredited appraisers. At Around the Block Toronto, we use only Canadian Personal Property Appraisal Group (CPPAG) - accredited appraisers with the knowledge and experience to accurately price your items so that they sell as quickly as possible while getting you the best return on your consignment.
  • Best consignment percentage. When you work with us, you can expect the highest level of customer service in the industry and 60% of the sale price, the highest in the area.
  • Your items are YOURS until they sell. Some consignment stores take possession of items that don't sell after some time, not Around the Block. Your items belong to you until they are sold.

Ready to Revitalize Your Space?

Now that you're armed with the knowledge, it's time to dive into the world of consignment. Whether you want to let go of a few pieces or revamp your entire space, Around the Block Toronto is your partner in this sustainable, stylish journey. Consign with us today.

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