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For hundreds of years around the globe, porcelain figurines have been popularized and prized for their intricate designs, delicate craftsmanship, and sentimental value. But what are the most famous porcelain figurine brands, and what makes them unique? From England to Hungary, we rank the ten most collectible porcelain figurine brands worldwide.  

Our Top Ten Most Popular Porcelain Figurine Brands

1. Lladro (Spain)

Lladro is a porcelain manufacturerfounded in 1953 by three brothers near Valencia, Spain. The high-quality, handcrafted porcelain figurines, a favourite among collectors, are often characterized by their delicate beauty, soft colouring, and smooth finish. Various themes, including childhood, animals, and mythology, inspire Lladro's figurines. This prcelain figurine brand is particularly known for depicting children and babies, imbued with innocence and wonder. 

2. Royal Copenhagen (Denmark)

Danish porcelain brand founded in 1775. The company is known for its exquisite porcelain figurines, often characterized by their lifelike appearance and intricate details. Its extensive catalog includes various themes, including classical mythology, animals, and everyday life. Royal Copenhagen is particularly known for figurines depicting animals, often rendered in lifelike poses and featuring intricate details.

3. Meissen (German)

Meissen is a German porcelain manufacturer founded in 1710 and produced the first European hard-paste porcelain>. The company is known for its exquisite porcelain figurines, often characterized by floral motifs and vivid colours. Like other popular figurine brands, Meissen figurines were inspired by classical mythology, animals, and everyday life. The company is particularly known for depicting animals, often rendered in lifelike poses and featuring intricate details. This porcelain figurine brand is also known for their limited-edition collections, which are highly prized by collectors.

4. Herend (Hungary)

Herend Porcelain is a Hungarian porcelain brand established in 1826. The company is known for its intricately detailed figurines featuring animals, flowers, and other naturalistic designs. Fine details, vibrant colours, and delicate beauty characterize Herend figurines.

5. Dresden (Germany)

Dresden Porcelain was founded in 1872 in Potschappel, Germany, a suburb of Dresden. The company is known for its elegant and intricate figurines, particularly those featuring rococo and neoclassical designs.

6. Coalport (England)

Coalport is a British porcelain manufacturer with a history dating back to 1795.The company was founded in Coalbrookdale, England, and initially produced pottery before expanding to include fine bone china and porcelain figurines. Coalport figurines are known for their elegant and intricate designs, particularly those featuring romantic and pastoral scenes.

7. Sevres (France)

Sevres is a French porcelain manufacturer with a royal history dating back to 1740. King Louis XV established the company in Vincennes, but it was moved to Sèvres in 1756 at the request of his mistress Madame de Pompadour. Sevres figurines are known for their luxurious and ornate designs, particularly those commissioned by royalty and other high-profile clients. The company produced many figurines, including depictions of historical figures, classical and mythological themes, and animals.

8. Nymphenburg (Germany)

Nymphenburg is a German porcelain manufacturer with a long history from 1747. The company was established by Elector Max III Joseph of Bavaria, who sought to create a rival to the famous Meissen porcelain factory. Fine details, delicate beauty, and rich colours characterize Nymphenburg figurines. The company produces various figures, including animals, birds, and other wildlife and figurines featuring classical and mythological themes. 

9. Capodimonte (Italy)

Capodimonte is an Italian porcelain figurine brand that traces its history back to the 18th century under the patronage of King Charles III of Naples. Capodimonte figurines are known for their intricate designs and ornate details, particularly those featuring classical and mythological themes. Capodimonte figurines are often characterized by their detailed hand-painted designs, three-dimensional elements, and vibrant colours. 

10. Royal Doulton (England)

Royal Doulton is a British manufacturer of ceramic and porcelain figurines, established in 1815. Initially known for its stoneware products, the company expanded its offerings to include bone china and porcelain figurines in the 1890s. Royal Doulton figurines are highly collectible and known for their intricate designs and attention to detail.

This top porcelain figurine brand produces figurines, including character jugs, bunnykins, and pretty ladies. The Royal Doulton Bunnykins figurines feature charming depictions of rabbits engaged in everyday activities, while the pretty ladies collection includes elegant figures of women in historical costumes. 

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