Top 10 Fine China Brands: Elegant Dinnerware for Your Table

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The dinner table is more than just a place for food; it's a setting for memories, chinwags, and the intricacies of hosting. One of the centrepieces of the dining room table is the china that graces it. Fine china dinnerware offers an unmatched elegance that lifts any dining experience. But with so many fine china brands, which ones stand out? We offer our picks for the best fine china brands that have jazzed up dining tables worldwide.

Top Fine China Brands - Our Picks

  1. Royal Copenhagen. Since 1775, this Danish company has been known for its time-honoured craftsmanship and a keen eye for detail. Royal Copenhagen offers a medley of traditional and modern designs. Their Blue Fluted pattern is iconic, often copied, but never quite the same.
  2. Wedgwood. Founded in England in 1759, Wedgewood has long been famed for its pale blue and white Jasperware and bone china. It has been a darling in homes and palaces alike. From classic to contemporary, their designs remain timelessly elegant.
  3. Meissen. As the first European porcelain manufacturer founded in Germany in 1710, Meissen has a rich history of artistic and technical prowess. Their crossed swords logo is a hallmark of luxury. It is known for both hand-painted porcelain figurines and dishes.
  4. Limoges. From the region of Limoges and known for its kaolin-rich soil crucial for fine porcelain, several regional factories have crafted top-notch pieces since the late 18th century. Maybe because of intricately painted and often gold-gilded porcelain, the Limoges name is synonymous with French luxury.
  5. Lenox. Born in the USA, Lennox is a true American classic. This top fine china brand has dressed the tables of U.S. Presidents and countless homes with unique designs, giving a splash of elegance with a distinctly American twist.
  6. Noritake. Marrying Japanese craftsmanship with Western design smarts, Noritake has been a favourite for those seeking elegance with a sprinkle of the exotic since 1904. Their pieces often feature ornate gold edges and delicate patterns.
  7. Bernardaud. Hailing from Limoges, Bernardaud pieces blend time-honoured craftsmanship and fresh designs. This fine china brand collaborates with artists and designers to create unique, often avant-garde collections.
  8. Villeroy & Boch. Since 1748, this fine china brand from Luxembourg/Germany has held a long-standing reputation. Villeroy & Boch range from rustic to refined European flair. Their tableware bridges everyday functionality and special occasion elegance with ease.
  9. Haviland. Another gem from the Limoges region of France, Haviland is famed for its gentle patterns, often nature-inspired, and the vibrancy of their colours.
  10. Royal Doulton. Capturing British heritage and charm, Royal Doulton bone china and stoneware are both regal and homey. Their patterns swing from traditionally ornate to more contemporary and playful designs.

Fine china is more than just tableware—it's art, history, and culture served up on a plate. It tells tales of traditions, family heirlooms, and the joy of gathering 'round a hearty meal. These brands have passed the test of time due to their beauty, the stories they share, and the memories they help forge.

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