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In the world of fashion, handbags are more than just accessories. They are statement pieces that define personal styles, hold daily essentials, and sometimes even hold a slice of history. As the years go by, some of these luxury brands have risen above the rest, consistently delivering iconic designs that symbolize luxury and elegance.

At Around the Block, we’ve had the pleasure of selling high-end luxury designer bags on consignment for more than 14 years and have developed an appreciation for these brands. In this blog, we toast our top 10 designer handbag brands that have left an indelible mark on us and the fashion landscape.

Designer Handbag Brands - Our Picks

1. Louis Vuitton (France, 1854)

Emerging from the romantic boulevards of Paris, Louis Vuitton started his voyage by crafting trunks for the French elite. The famed LV monogram, which would later grace the surfaces of this designer handbag brand’s popular Speedy and the Neverfull bags, became a universal synonym for luxury. Over a century later, the brand still resonates with timeless elegance, each bag a testament to a legacy that began in mid-19th century Paris.

2. Chanel (France, 1910)

The narrative of modern fashion would be incomplete without the indomitable Coco Chanel. Founded in Paris, the designer handbag brand redefined women's fashion. The Classic Flap and the 2.55, with their iconic quilted design and double-C logo, are not mere bags; they are milestones in a revolution that melded style with functionality. They echo the daring spirit of a woman who changed fashion forever.

3. Hermès (France, 1837)

Born even before Louis Vuitton, Hermès began its journey in the heart of Paris. What started as a harness workshop swiftly transformed into a luxury behemoth, introducing the world to the Kelly and the Birkin. Named after Grace Kelly and Jane Birkin, these bags are exquisite embodiments of craftsmanship, with artisans dedicating up to 24 hours to craft a single bag.

4. Gucci (Italy, 1921)

Florence, Italy, saw the inception of a brand that would become an emblem of Italian luxury. With its interlocked Gs, Gucci showcases a melange of historic Italian craftsmanship and contemporary flair. The Dionysus and the Marmont are more than products of leather and thread; they are woven with the rich tapestry of Italian fashion lineage.

5. Prada (Italy, 1913)

Miuccia Prada transformed her grandfather's leather goods store in Milan into a global fashion powerhouse. Prada, adesigner handbag brand that is synonymous with avant-garde elegance, introduced the world to designs like the Saffiano Lux Tote, beautifully merging Milanese minimalism with everyday functionality.

6. Yves Saint Laurent (France, 1961)

From the fashion epicentre, Paris, Yves Saint Laurent emerged, challenging norms and setting paradigms. With its emblematic YSL monogram, the brand crafts bags like the Envelope Chain that perfectly encapsulates the Parisian ethos of effortless chic.

7. Dior (France, 1946)

In the post-war fashion renaissance, Christian Dior's brand emerged as a beacon in Paris. Representing a fresh start, Dior's Lady Dior, adorned with cannage stitching, epitomizes a blend of heritage and evolution, setting the gold standard for elegance.

8. Celine (France, 1945)

Another gem from Paris, Celine, emphasizes the city's dominance in the luxury segment. Bags like the Luggage Tote and the Trapeze have etched their presence in the modern fashion narrative, celebrating simplicity without compromising luxury.

9. Givenchy (France, 1952)

Yet another feather in Paris's illustrious cap, Givenchy seamlessly fuses tradition with innovation. The Antigona and the Pandora designer bags, with their distinctive forms, aren't just handbags; they're sculptural art pieces that embody adesigner handbag brand legacy.

10. Fendi (Italy, 1925)

Originally a fur and leather goods shop in the bustling heart of Rome, Fendi has evolved into a beacon of Italian luxury. Its double F logo, which graces creations like the Baguette and Peekaboo, has become emblematic of the brand's commitment to craftsmanship and avant-garde design. Fendi's mastery of handbag creation captures the essence of Italian artisanship, forming a bridge between traditional luxury and contemporary sophistication.

Designer handbags are not mere objects; they're chronicles. They're intertwined with the histories of cities, the visions of designers, and the aspirations of generations. Whether you're toting a Chanel through Toronto or a Gucci through Milan, you're not just carrying a bag; you're bearing a legacy, a story, and a testament to the artistry of times gone by. In this world of transient fads, these iconic brands stand tall as timeless monuments to luxury, craftsmanship, and heritage.

Designer Handbag Brands at Around the Block

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