Top 20 Fine Jewellery Brands from Around the Globe

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Fine jewellery is a dazzling showcase of artistry, heritage, and unparalleled craftsmanship. From venerable jewellery houses with deep-rooted histories to contemporary designers redefining elegance, the world's top jewellery brands weave stories of luxury through their exquisite creations. 

In this blog, we share our top 20 fine jewellery brands, each distinguished by its unique legacy, design ethos, and the countries that have shaped their visions into timeless treasures.

Top 20 Fine Jewellery Brands - Our Picks

Each of our choices for the top 20 fine jewellery brands not only dazzles creations but also carries forward the legacies of their countries, contributing to the global tapestry of luxury and elegance. Without further adieu, here are our picks.

Cartier (France) 

Cartier gold ring

Founded in 1847 in Paris, Cartier stands as a paragon of luxury, known for its iconic Love Bracelet and the timeless Panthère collection. With a rich history of serving royalty, Cartier's creations symbolise sophistication across the globe.

Tiffany & Co. (United States)

Tiffany & Co Diamond and Sapphire Earings

Since its inception in 1837, Tiffany & Co. has become emblematic of American luxury, renowned for its exceptional diamonds and pioneering designs. The brand's introduction of the Tiffany Setting engagement ring in 1886 revolutionised how diamonds are presented, making it an eternal symbol of love as well as one of the top fine jewellery brands.

Van Cleef & Arpels (France)

Esteemed for its Mystery Set technique and the whimsical Alhambra collection, Van Cleef & Arpels, founded in 1906, marries technical prowess with imaginative design, offering captivating and enchanting pieces.

Bulgari (Italy)

With its roots in Rome since 1884, Bulgari epitomises Italian magnificence, known for its vibrant, colour-rich jewels and the serpentine allure of its Serpenti designs. Its pieces reflect a commitment to craftsmanship and Roman history.

Harry Winston (United States)

Since 1932, Harry Winston hailed as the "King of Diamonds," has been synonymous with unparalleled diamonds and fine craftsmanship, cementing its status as a go-to for red carpet adornments and luxury connoisseurs of fine jewellery brands.

Chopard (Switzerland)

Chopard, established in 1860, combines Swiss precision with imaginative jewellery design and is recognized for its Happy Diamonds collection. The brand's journey towards sustainable luxury highlights its dedication to ethical craftsmanship.

Boucheron (France)

As the first jeweler on the Place Vendôme in 1858, Boucheron is celebrated for its audacious designs and exquisite craftsmanship, reflecting a storied heritage of Parisian elegance and innovation.

Piaget (Switzerland)

Founded in 1874, Piaget excels at the intersection of fine Jewellery and watchmaking, known for its ultra-thin watches and luxurious jewellery. Piaget's creations are a testament to the brand's innovative spirit and superior craftsmanship.

Graff (United Kingdom)

Graff, founded in 1960 by Laurence Graff, is revered for its large, exceptional diamonds, embodying the founder's passion for the world's most magnificent jewels and setting new standards in the luxury jewellery industry.

David Yurman (United States)

David Yurman ring

David Yurman, established in 1980, is celebrated for its sculptural designs and innovative use of materials. The brand's signature cable motif is a hallmark of American luxury jewellery, symbolizing strength and unity.

Mikimoto (Japan)

mikimoto fine jewellery brands

Mikimoto, the pioneer of cultured pearls since 1893, has been synonymous with the world's finest pearl jewellery. The brand's dedication to quality and elegance ensures that each piece is a timeless symbol of beauty.

Buccellati (Italy)

With a legacy that began in 1919, Buccellati is renowned for its intricate gold craftsmanship and distinctive designs embody Italian jewelry's artistry, reflecting the elegance of Milanese tradition.

Fabergé (Russia)

Famed for its Imperial Easter Eggs crafted for Russian royalty, Fabergé, founded in 1842, continues to enchant with its exquisite jewels and timepieces, each piece a testament to lavish artistry and luxury.

Chaumet (France)

Since 1780, Chaumet has been creating exceptional pieces for royalty and discerning patrons, known for its Parisian craftsmanship and designs that encapsulate elegance and sophistication.

De Beers (United Kingdom)

De Beers, established in 1888, has shaped the diamond industry through its exploration, mining, and retail of diamonds. The brand is synonymous with life's most precious moments, captured through its stunning diamond jewellery.

Roberto Coin (Italy)

Roberto Coin fine jewellery brands

Founded in 1996, Roberto Coin blends Italian style with global trends, offering creative and innovative fine jewellery. Each piece is a testament to the brand's dedication to beauty and artistry.

Pomellato (Italy)

Since 1967, Pomellato has been at the forefront of Italian craftsmanship and amonf the fine jewellery brands, known for its bold, colourful designs that celebrate individuality and modern femininity.

Lorraine Schwartz (United States)

A favourite among celebrities, Lorraine Schwartz, is celebrated for her daring designs and the use of rare gemstones, creating pieces that are not only jewellery but true works of art.

Birks (Canada)

fine jewellery brands and Birks

Established in 1879 in Montreal, Birks has emerged as a cornerstone of Canadian luxury and one of the fine jewellery brands. It embodies elegance and innovation in jewelry design. Renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship and timeless designs, Birks has a storied history of providing fine jewelry that captivates and enchants. The brand is celebrated for its signature collections, including the Birks Blue® Collection, which showcases exceptional diamonds and gemstones set in meticulously crafted designs. Birks has also gained recognition for its commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing, ensuring that each piece not only represents beauty but also responsible luxury. Serving a discerning clientele, Birks continues to be a symbol of sophistication and prestige in Canada and beyond, offering an array of jewelry that celebrates life's most precious moments.

Breguet (Switzerland)

When it comes to fine jewellery brands, Primarily recognized for its exquisite timepieces since 1775, Breguet also offers a collection of fine jewellery that reflects the same precision, elegance, and innovation as its legendary watches.

Fine Jewellery Brands - Final Thoughts

The distinction of the best fine jewellery brands is not merely about the opulence of its offerings but in its ability to meld timeless craftsmanship with innovative designs, offering pieces that are not just accessories but treasures that carry personal and collective histories. 

However, as consumers become increasingly conscious of the origins and impacts of their purchases, fine jewellery brands that prioritize sustainability, ethical sourcing, and impeccable service will continue to shine in the eyes of discerning buyers. Whether it's through the sparkle of a responsibly sourced diamond or the glow of recycled gold, these brands are setting the standard for what it means to be truly luxurious in today's world. By choosing a fine Jewellery brand, consumers are not just investing in a piece of jewellery; they are embracing a legacy of beauty, quality, and ethical integrity that will endure for generations to come.

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