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For some people, sterling silver flatware evokes warm memories of festive dinners and special occasions. Perhaps you remember your mother or grandmother deciding to use the “good silver” and china for a holiday meal, adorning the dinner table to make guests feel special. You might think that today sterling silver flatware is reserved for high tea at a 5-star hotel, but luxury and antique place settings are returning to dinner tables across Canada. Whether you have inherited a set and are interested in selling it, or want to invest in a place setting for your home, read on. This article answers some of the most frequently asked questions about sterling silver flatware

How can you tell if you have real sterling silver flatware?

The first thing you should look your silver is a small authentification stamp or mark, usually 925, STERLING, or 925/1000. The mark is often located on the underside of the flatware, but it depends on the piece.

Is sterling silver flatware worth anything

Sterling Silver Flatware by Birks

Yes! However, some sterling silver cutlery have more value than others and fall under different price categories. The value of your sterling flatware will vary depending on several factors, including the brand, the type of piece, how many people it will serve, the pattern, markings, and the condition, among other criteria. Also, keep in mind that complete sterling silver sets will fetch more than those that are not.

How do you sell sterling silver flatware?

Trusting your sterling silver flatware to a reputable business like Around the Block is best. We’ve sold sterling silver flatware on consignment in the greater Toronto area for more than 14 years. Our CPPAG-accredited appraisers have the knowledge and experience in sterling silver cutlery to accurately price your collection so that it sells as quickly as possible.

Proper storage of your sterling silver flatware will help prevent excessive tarnishing and keep it from getting damaged. If you don’t have a lined chest to store your silverware, you should place it in flannel bags or a cabinet lined with treated flannel cloths. If possible, keep it in the driest area of your home.

Is it safe to eat with?

Silver is a non-toxic metal. Sterling silver was crafted to be used and is considered safe for eating and drinking.

Is it true there are foods you should not eat with sterling silver?

Foods that contain high amounts of sulfur (like eggs) may react to silver. While it is not unsafe, the reaction can cause tarnishing and an unpleasant taste.

Can I use sterling silver cutlery every day?

Do you want to feel pampered by using your luxury flatware every day? There is no reason you can’t use your sterling silver every day. Sterling is durable, and when maintained, it will last a long time. However, it should be hand-washed and dried thoroughly and not be used in the dishwasher. 

Buy or sell sterling Silver Flatware in Toronto

Looking buy or sell sterling silver in the GTA? Around the Block has a fine collection of luxury sterling silver flatware and serving pieces. Whether you are interested in selling your flatware or finding that perfect collection for your home, check us out. We consign high-quality and gently loved home furnishings and decor that are unique and eclectic, contemporary, vintage, or antique. Our experience and research give us a keen instinct into what pieces will sell and knowledge of the market price, so you are sure to get the most value. 

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